Online marketing is still one of the best resources attorneys have for growing their firms. It is easier now than ever to create a professional online image for your firm through social media, websites and mobile marketing. However in the digital online world, the technologies change often.  If you are wondering what is new in the online marketing world in 2014, read on:

1)    Google+ is Essential

Chances are you’ve heard about Google+, sometimes called Google Plus. Toward the end of 2013, Google began placing even more importance on the use of its social media platform, so businesses are able to benefit from having a complete and active Google+ account to enhance their online presence. Google+ offers plenty of great marketing and branding features, so if your firm is not already on board, now is the time to create a page and starting interacting with other members.

 2)    Video Changes How Clients View You

Some business owners are intimidated by the idea of video marketing. The truth is it really helps clients relate to attorneys. According to, more than 90% of surveyed responders said they prefer video to other forms of marketing, including case studies and price quotes.

Simple introductory videos are an important part of your firm’s website. You can even expand your video marketing by starting a YouTube channel to educate potential clients. Use videos the way you would a blog – to build a reputation, share information, establish your credibility, and help clients become comfortable with you even before contacting your firm.

3)    Mobile Optimized Websites are the future.  The future is here now!

According to ABC News, by June of 2013, more than half of Americans owned smartphones. That number increase regularly. Interestingly, in today’s world there are many people who access the internet only through a mobile devise, never using a desktop computer. To provide the best user experience possible, your desktop website should be mobile optimized so that the content renders appropriately for the screen on which it is viewed. There are currently two ways to optimize your site – using a redirect link to a separate mobile designed website, or using a responsive design that reorganizes the page content and imagery according to the size of the screen it is being viewed upon. Each has its benefits and drawback, worthy of a separate blog topic.

4)    Keywords Are Not What They Used to Be

It is time to change your thinking about keywords. If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with the most recent SEO changes, do so now. Keywords are still important, but the days of stuffing terribly written content with hundreds of keywords are long gone. Now your content needs to be well-written and packed with useful information. This might take a bit more time or require the services of a writer capable of writing within your industry, but it helps you establish the type of reputation you want online. Having your website discovered by search engines and writing in a voice that is professional enough to represent your company now go hand-in-hand. Quality content written with important keywords in mind is now only one way to achieve high rankings.

5)    Content is King; Easy Access to that Content is Essential

Now more than ever before the search engines respect well written informative original content. Target 300 -500 words per page and make each word count. Content that informs “glues” both your visitor and the search engines to your website, providing a better user experience. Your website design should work in conjunction with that content, allowing your visitors to get to their desired information within two clicks.

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