50 lawyer marketing tips from the ABAIn case you missed this, here are 50 Simple Ways You Can  Market Your Law Firm’s Practice originally published by the ABA. This is an excellent online article with some very worthwhile and easily enacted upon marketing ideas. Read the full story here

While many of these 50 points fall under the “common sense” category, we do not always remember to utilize tactics like these when working to build our businesses.

A few of my favorites:

4.) If you have a practice-related blog, write posts with information that’s truly useful to business targets. More often than not, that doesn’t include descriptions of how competent you or your firm are.

17.) People sometimes need to be convinced that their legal problem is severe enough to hire you, and it’s up to you to persuade them. That said, turning someone away when they really don’t need a lawyer is good for business, too. It’s a good way to build trust.

19.) Install Google Analytics on your website. It details what search terms got people to your site and how long they stayed there. You can also use it to determine popular search terms, and put the terms that relate to your practice on your website.

27.) If you have a website (and you should), have a blog, too. Add new content daily, because Google algorithms give more prominence to sites with fresh, original content. The content doesn’t have to be in the form of a long, researched post. A paragraph or two, with a recent link to something interesting and relevant to your practice, will get you the same amount of traffic-if not more-than longer posts.

44.) A few good questions to ask people you meet in networking situations: What got you started in this line of work? What are you working on? How are things going with your business in this economy?

Let us know which of the 50 points you found most interesting, new and useful.