CLE with the Herald Bank a true success.

The Websites For Lawyers executive team participated in an “Ethical Internet Marketing and Website Design for Lawyers” CLE at the Herald National Bank’s Long Island headquarters yesterday and those attending have told us it was a most informative session. Judging by the high attendance we can comfortably say it was a true success. We not only addressed the legal and technical aspects of having a legal web presence but answered some very well thought out questions from the audience such as:

  • Is it better to have multiple practice areas on one website or should you have multiple micro-sites for each practice area?
  • How does Google determine which sites to put on page #1?
  • Is a law firm’s page on Facebook considered legal advertising?

If you weren’t able to attend and are interested in the answers to questions like these just contact us using the above phone numbers, we’d be happy to help.    

Fall 2011 CLE Seminars

Coming This Fall: 3 Free CLE Seminars

According to the New York State Bar Association website, there are currently in effect requirements for mandatory continuing legal education, both for newly admitted attorneys and for all other attorneys admitted and practicing in New York.

Websites For Lawyers is proud to be partnering with The Herald National Bank as breakfast sponsors for the following CLE seminars:

October 4, 2011 CLE Seminar
Harassment in the Workplace: You Do Need to "Sweat the Small Stuff"
(2.5 credits)
November 8, 2011 CLE Seminar
Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples: When Saying "I do" Does Not Do It
(2 credits)
The following month, Websites For Lawyers, in conjunction with our associates, Allison Shields (Legal Ease Consulting) and Fred Richman (Solomon Richman PC), will be presenting what promises to be of interest to all attorneys and firms that publish their own websites:
December 8, 2011 CLE Seminar
Ethical Internet Marketing & Website Development For Lawyers
(2 credits)

If you’d like to attend any or all of these free CLE’s, please visit our Contact Us page and call or email with your request.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Date Title Credits
October 4, 2011 Harassment In The Workplace: you do need to "sweat the small stuff" 2.5
November 8, 2011 Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples: When Saying "I do" Does Not Do It 2.0
December 8, 2011 Ethical Internet Marketing & Website Development For Lawyers 2.0