Bing overtakes Yahoo for first time

Microsoft’s Bing Search Queries Overtake Yahoo For The First Time In December 2011

According to industry expert comScore, while Google continues to dominate online search, Microsoft’s search engine “Bing” has surpassed Yahoo in market share.The really interesting point however is that as Bing now powers Yahoo, the combined market share of the two search engine’s is almost 30%! By contrast AOL is the lowest with only a 1.6% share.

Why is this important to your business?

Clearly your law firm’s Internet marketing and SEO needs to be positioned across all three major search engines, and should include AOL and Ask even though they have miniscule market share of search. The reason is that everything changes and in order to cover your law firm marketing bases fully you need to ensure that your firm shows up in relevant searches regardless of the search engine used. And each search portal has its own online local directory as well – with which your law firm should be fully listed. It is a lot of work and effort to cover all those bases, especially for solo practitioners and smaller law firms where the marketing resources are typiclly limited. The good news is that Websites For Lawyers can aid in your brand building, marketing and the increased generation of quality inbound leads. So if your firm needs some assiatnce in this matter, why not call us today.